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Throttlestop consignment customers keep things interesting for us.

At the Throttlestop, we never know what manner of automotive adventure each day will bring. Our consignment customers continue to bring us rare, unusual, and exciting finds from the automotive world.

One recent example that we didn’t see coming was this 1960 Triumph Herald Convertible. With its diminutive 948cc straight-four motor, this car seems out of place on American roads, but this little Triumph plays an outsized-role in the history of the British automotive industry.

By 1960, Britain was finally on the mend after World War II. Its automotive industry, centered in the heavily-bombed city of Coventry, was finally emerging from the ashes. Prosperity was returning, and a burgeoning middle-class went looking for consumer goods, including cars.

Tired of the malaise following the war, the Standard-Triumph Motor Company and its dealer network were looking for an exciting car to sell which would stand in stark contrast to the bland Morris Minors and Austin A30 of the previous decade. Triumph engaged Italian-coachbuilder Vignale to style their latest Herald series, assigning young designer Giovanni Michelotti to the task. This would be the beginning of a long and wonderful collaboration between Michelotti and Triumph.

060120 1960 Triumph Herald Convertible 02

The Triumph Herald series, offered in saloon, convertible, coupe, estate (wagon), and van models, would go on to be the company’s best-selling range, continuing until 1971.

Our little example is an early and very desirable LHD American market convertible. Only about 2,500 units made it to our shores, making this little Anglo-American collaboration quite rare indeed. As much as we would love to sell you this special vehicle, it is already spoken for and going to a new home in Northern California.

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