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blog Ford vs. Ferrari: The Real Story
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The Real Story Behind the Most Bitter Rivalry in Auto Racing

The 24 Hours of Le Mans, an iconic endurance race in northwestern France, is well-known to racing enthusiasts. However, the feud between the underdog Ford Motor Company, and long-standing winning Italian carmaker Ferrari has finally arrived on the big screen.

Director James Mangold’s adaptation of the infamous story of Ford beating Ferrari in the Le Mans is led by an academy award-winning cast, comprised of Matt Damon (Carroll Shelby) and Christian Bale (Ken Miles). Damon and Bale capture audiences as they depict the denied business deal between Ford and Ferrari, and the highly competitive race between the auto manufacturers to the finish line.

Henry Ford II, living in the shadows of his famous father and grandfather, wanted to build a sportier car that appealed to the younger demographic of boomers. Therefore, Ford took an interest in purchasing Ferrari from Enzo Ferrari. Ferrari showed interest and led Ford into believing a deal was about to be formed, but at the last-minute Ferrari axed the proposed contract.

Ford vs. Ferrari follows Carroll Shelby and Ken Miles’ quest to build the “Ferrari Killer” to race at the Le Mans in 1966. A movie that any car enthusiast will appreciate, Ford vs. Ferrari, will have your heart racing and leave you wishing for a ride in the legendary Ford GT40 MkII.

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