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Timing is Everything

It’s always awkward to tell a customer that the collector vehicle they’d just inquired about days or even hours ago has been sold to someone else. Demand for quality cars and motorcycles has never been higher, and it can be downright competitive between buyers when that “right” vehicle hits the market.

True car aficionados know they can’t control when a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity comes around. But at The Throttlestop, we can help offset bad timing in a number of ways, helping to make your automotive dreams come true.

062920 Timing is Everything Blog Post 2

Veni, Vidi, Vici: Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Brown pulled the trigger on their dream car while other interested parties hesitated.

Some folks may not be aware that collector cars can be financed. If your assets are tied up somewhere else but you see a car that you simply must have, Throttlestop will work with the finance company of your choice or we can suggest one for you. The process is very simple and easy on the buyer’s end, and many companies offer quick approval, securing that dream car for you.

We can also work with your third-party inspector to give you the maximum amount of confidence in your purchase. If you or your agent cannot inspect the vehicle in person due to a short time-window, we are happy to shoot video walkarounds of the car running and driving, or whatever other areas that need clarification to make a purchase decision on short notice.

On the fence about a particular car, but don’t want to miss out on the opportunity? If you purchase a car that is not the right fit, our consignment program can make moving on easy and efficient, freeing up funds for another vehicle.

Finally, we can suggest some of the top transportation providers in the business to get your car to you quickly, safely and economically.

But is there really such urgency? For many people, recent world events suggest there is.

We’ve heard from a lot of folks who have wanted a certain vehicle their whole lives, and have decided that this is the time to do it. Whether it was revisiting memories of a first car from high school, or a gift to oneself after a lifetime of building a career and raising a family, there seems to be renewed focus on owning that treasured hobby vehicle.

Recently, we sold a terrific 1964 Chevelle Convertible to a new customer in Northern California. It was the first time that he’d treated himself to something expensive, let alone to make such a purchase from long-distance. We came to find out that he was also battling a life-threatening medical condition, as he would often call us from the waiting room of his doctor’s office, clearly trying to take his mind off his reality.

Needless to say, we wanted his experience to be as positive as possible, and took video and pictures for him as the Chevelle was loaded up at our facility during a beautiful sunset in Elkhart Lake.

062920 Timing is Everything Blog Post 3

A gorgeous 1964 Chevelle loading up at Throttlestop, headed for an excited new owner in California.

The lesson from this is simple: Don’t defer your dreams. Anyone over the age of 50 can tell you that money is less important than time. Enjoy your life, create new memories and reward yourself with that car you’ve always wanted. Today. You have our permission.

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