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Throttlestop vintage motorcycle repair and restoration
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Preserving Motorcycle History

While the Throttlestop name is commonly associated with high-end and rare automobiles and being home to a collection of priceless motorcycles, there’s so much more to the company.

Throttlestop is the product of the shared passion between Jim Balestrieri and Tom Kostrivas, founders of the company, who share the unique distinction of being both lifelong friends and intense rivals on the track. And the drive to succeed has spurred the Throttlestop team on to new heights, with the company entering into the sphere of vintage motorcycle repair and restoration.

Driven By Passion

Throttlestop has never been just a showroom—instead, it is a haven for motoring enthusiasts to see and learn about some of the most historical vehicles to have been made and immerse themselves in the rich culture that our roads have been built. With this in mind, the extension into vintage motorcycle repair and restoration is a natural one.

If you’ve stumbled across the Throttlestop website, then you’ve most likely seen our renowned museum. They even have a virtual one if you happen to live far away or are constrained by travel restrictions.

The Throttlestop museum proudly houses some of the most significant pieces in automobile history. Among them, over 200 of some of the most celebrated motorcycles ever, all of which are cared for with the kind of attention to detail that only the Throttlestop team can provide. And, it’s with this that the inspiration for their latest service offering begins.

A New Beginning

There’s a sudden surge in interest among enthusiasts for the vintage bike scene. While the prevailing pandemic had persuaded some motorcyclists to hang up their jackets and stay indoors, it has ignited a new craze in others. Throttlestop has identified this potential niche right away and has put together a team of experts with a vast amount of knowledge behind the engineering of vintage motorcycles to bring to light the first-ever Throttlestop vintage motorcycle repair and restoration process.

Speaking of the team, the new service offering will be focused primarily on mechanical restoration. It means we now offer everything in-house, from mechanical repairs and engine rebuilds to tune-ups. And even if you don’t require a nut-and-bolt resto, our focus is on keeping specialized vintage motorcycles running smoothly.

As quality is of paramount importance, restorations will be taken on in limited numbers to ensure our fullest attention is paid to even the most minute details. This doesn’t mean that full restorations are out of the question, but our team will be selective to offer the kind of service associated with the Throttlestop name.

If you’re passionate about preserving these historic two-wheelers, then there’s no better place to go to for expert service. And with the turnkey services on offer, all you need is the bike, and the team at Throttlestop will do the rest. Crucially, the Throttlestop team understands the importance of not over-restoring these machines — the preservation of history is paramount, which means true enthusiasts may appreciate the patina already in place.

So, whether it’s running repairs or a full-blown restoration, our vintage motorcycle restoration arm is now fully-geared to deliver outstanding results.

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