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Throttlestop Museum expanded interior of vintage motorcycles and board track
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Who Is Throttlestop?

Driven By Passion, Number One Driver in Our Field


As the online era dawns, a slew of automotive-related websites, social media platforms, and organizations appear, all vying for the attention of automotive enthusiasts. However, just a handful of them succeeds in offering more than simply the goods or services they’re selling. When it comes to Throttlestop, it becomes apparent that we’re more than just a website. Instead, we’re a company driven by enthusiasm, expertise, and a willingness to preserve and enhance automobile culture.

The Beginning 

Our founders have held a long history in the auto industry, competing on racing circuits since they were youngsters. Their vision was to inspire anyone who walks through our doors and deliver an experience of a lifetime while offering premium automobiles and services.

Throttlestop was created to serve a range of purposes in addition to selling luxury automobiles. While we source exotic and luxury automobiles, we also have our own museum exhibiting limited-edition motorbikes, cars, and engines. We also offer detailing services and organize “Cars and Coffee” events, among other things, all of which are designed to give back to the community.

Adapting With the Pandemic 

Although our museum underwent a temporary closure under Covid-19 protocols during the global pandemic, we’ve adapted our methods to continue giving back. Our website hosts a virtual museum where viewers can experience a rotating collection of over 275 museum pieces, including exotic motorbikes and fabled engines. You can gain access to high-quality images and information on vintage, rare, limited, and restored motorcycles, showroom cars, and robust engines through this virtual museum.

That’s not all; there are a series of video clips on the website and our YouTube channel for those who appreciate the unique burble of powerful, historic, and iconic engines. This is a fantastic opportunity for people who cannot visit Throttlestop in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, in person, enabling many thousands to share and experience our significant collection.

In-Depth Articles 

Any reputable organization’s website maintains a blog about current hot topics and articles aiming to inspire their potential readers. The Throttlestop blog has various articles about the history of motoring, racing, motoring icons, Throttlestop service tips, and other intriguing subjects. Anyone who visits the Throttlestop website has the opportunity to collect a wealth of automotive knowledge all from one platform. The Throttlestop group outperforms the competition thanks to our exotic inventory, virtual museum, and well-written educational blog entries on our website, expressing true passion and reverence for automotive culture shared by our crew.

Going the extra mile

While we specialize in selling and consigning exotic cars, we’re also dedicated to using our resources and opportunities to connect people who share the same enthusiasm for classic and luxury autos as they do. One of the main approaches we use to engage motor enthusiasts is our “Cars and Coffee” events, which you can learn more about on our website. We host a series of YouTube clips on our “Events” page where you can take a glimpse of prior “Cars and Coffee” events hosted.

Meanwhile, the arsenal of vehicles on offer and previously sold are pristine examples of rare, uncommon, and exciting automotive treasures. The data-driven design of the Throttlestop website inspires our visitors to become our customers, and it makes the experience a breeze with tools to instantly connect and purchase from the website. You may contact the Throttlestop team directly through our website, and we will gladly provide personalized recommendations as well as walk you through financing, detailing, storage, and purchasing a unique item from our collection. In addition, our expansive network works to locate and deliver exotic automobiles and share the enthusiasm and passion which draws so many to our doors.

After all, the Throttlestop slogan, “Driven by Passion,” is there for good reason.

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