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4 Pros of Selling on Consignment


We get it: When it comes to selling a cherished car, there’s a lot to consider. But, with numerous methods on offer, perhaps the most pressing question is centered around how exactly you will do so.

The matter is complicated if the vehicle in question is a classic or collectible automobile. In such instances, you may want to exercise greater caution, avoiding tire-kickers and ensuring relevant parties are not only notified but are kept interested.

Many choose to sell their vehicle privately. A private listing seems, on the face of it, like a less complicated option, as there’s no third party involved. However, after the first dozen calls at all hours, joyriders, and low-ball offers, perhaps you’re having second thoughts. And that’s not to mention the hassle involved in ensuring paperwork is up to code and things are processed smoothly.

If this situation sounds familiar, or you want to avoid the possible quirks that may lie ahead, then selling your car on consignment may be the best solution! But how exactly does selling a vehicle on consignment benefit you, and what other advantages does it hold? Read on to find out more.

Get What You Deserve

While it may appear that cutting out the middleman with a private sale may be the best option to better one’s return, that’s not always the case. Selling your car privately has its disadvantages, including insincere prospects, low-ball offers, and mind-games—all of which buyers use to lower your asking price.

When you opt to sell on consignment, you up your chances of selling your automobile at a higher price. You’ll save a good deal of time and money while being able to select a suitable reserve price for your car. In the meantime, agents filter out unrealistic offers and find the highest resale values. You get to choose the offer you want to accept, and the broker will take care of the rest.

Access to a Larger Group of Potential Buyers

Any good consignment agent maintains a customer database that allows them to advertise vehicles to qualified buyers, many of which will have expressed a desire to be contacted about specific makes and models on the market.

Your agent will also take care of listing your car online, including on their website, social media platforms, and other premium car sale websites. This will maximize the number of eyes on your vehicle. With a service such as that offered by Throttlestop, your car undergoes a multipoint inspection for buyer peace of mind. It also is treated to a professional photoshoot, ensuring your pride and joy is seen exactly the way it should be. It’s a winning combination that leads to a higher number of potential buyers and a shorter time on the market, with Throttlestop boasting a 90% sell-through rate.

Your Time Saved with Zero Stress

Your agent will take care of creating the listings, answering phone calls, dealing with queries from purchasers, and avoiding the window-shoppers—all while you go about your daily routine. With an organization like Throttlestop, your car is kept within their climate-controlled indoor showroom, a space purpose-built for the safe storage and display of some of the country’s most sought-after cars and motorcycles.

All Paperwork is Done on Behalf of You

The nightmare of endless paperwork and the incurred stress over fetching the necessary information and accounting for the most minute details can come to an end. Instead, you can relax while your experienced consignment agent goes through documentation such as LTA ownership transfers, purchase agreements, and clearing your outstanding loan if there are any.

How Can We Help?

At Throttlestop, we’re highly qualified in our craft and are dedicated to giving your unique classic or luxury vehicle the value it deserves. Our consignment services provide a premium platform for luxury and classic vehicles, with over 150 consignment vehicles moving through our doors each year.

Let our expert team handle the hassle. Give us a call or check out our new main website; we may even be interested in purchasing your vehicle from you straight away!

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