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Pursuing Your Dreams from a Distance

With all the tumult surrounding the recent COVID-19 quarantine, our daily routines and activities have been radically altered. In these times of caution, enjoying collector vehicles has emerged as one of the few safe and family-oriented activities still available to us.

With gas prices plummeting to lows not seen since 2007, and roads largely empty of commuters, one could argue that this is a golden opportunity to get out and enjoy a collector car or motorcycle.

As stock market portfolios have taken a hit over the last two months, the values of collector cars have remained solid, with the market proving both stable and vibrant. Indeed, in times of uncertainty, tangible investments always have renewed appeal.

While our showroom and museum in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, remains closed in compliance with the state’s safety mandates, it’s pretty much business as usual at Throttlestop.com. We’ve been doing business at a distance for years now, and have it pretty much perfected.

Our reputation in the industry and in our community is our bond. Beware of online purchases from sellers who do not have permanent “brick-and-mortar” physical establishments that they do business from. We’ve seen too many folks fall victim to internet scams.

Photo Mar 20, 3 37 46 PM

On March 20, our 2012 Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca left for a new owner in Switzerland.

Our sales process starts with a complete inspection by our team of automotive experts. Rest assured that Throttlestop is only interested in offering premier examples of well-loved, exciting automobiles and motorcycles. That comes from our team’s personal passion for the hobby. Next, we photograph the cars from top-to-bottom with high-resolution images so you know exactly what you are purchasing. Still, we are happy to accommodate in-person inspections by buyers or their agents, and have worked with appraisers to facilitate pre-purchase inspections. We will accommodate your shipper to get your vehicle to you quickly and safely.


Tommy drove from Kentucky on March 19 to pick up the Ariel Square Four chopper that he purchased from us online, and was very pleased with the results.

In these unique times, we aim to bridge the information gap by providing buyers with whatever data they need to make safe, comfortable, and informed remote purchases. If that means detailed pictures of areas of concern or a video walkaround of a car, we are happy to facilitate that. We can slam doors, start engines, and roll-up windows. We’re car guys. We get it.

Now, if you’re a private seller, we can make all those services work for you through our consignment program. Let our low-fee web marketing program show your vehicle in its best light, and match it with a qualified buyer, not a time-waster. We are now reviewing outstanding car and motorcycle consignments for our showroom. Please contact Bill, Nic, or Tom if you are thinking of selling.

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